<PullHook />


Pull to refresh

The PullHook component is used to add a pull to refresh functionality to a page. It can let the user refresh a page or load the latest data.

The PullHook component has three different states: initial, preaction and action. It starts in the initial state. When it’s pulled down below its height it will transition into the preaction state. If it’s released in initial state it will just bounce back. If it’s released in the preaction state, it will go into action state.

Every time the state changes the onChange property will be called.

When the component transitions into the action state, it will call the onLoad property with a done callback as an argument. Calling this function will cause it to return to the initial state.


名前 型 / デフォルト値 概要
onChange function Called when the pull hook inner state is changed. The state can be either “initial”, “preaction” or “action” (翻訳中) Optional.
onLoad function Called when the pull hook is in the action state (翻訳中) Optional.
onPull function Hook called whenever the user pulls the element. It gets the pulled distance ratio (scroll / height) and an animationOptions object as arguments. (翻訳中) Optional.
disabled bool When set to true, the pull hook will be disabled. (翻訳中) Optional.
height number The height of the pull hook in pixels. The default value is 64. (翻訳中) Optional.
thresholdHeight number The threshold height of the pull hook in pixels. The default value is 96. (翻訳中) Optional.
fixedContent number If set to true, the content of the page will not move when pulling. (翻訳中) Optional.



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