Search input

Even though ons-input supports type="search", Onsen UI provides an extra element ons-search-input that styles the input as a real search bar:

<ons-search-input placeholder="Search something"></ons-search-input>

As usual, any attribute for <input> element works for the search input (except type which is fixed to search).

Inner input element

For normal input elements is possible to define a <label> tab with the for attribute to link it to an input element.

Unfortunately this does not work with custom elements like <ons-label> so in order to do it we need to set the id attribute of the inner input element. This is done using the input-id attribute.

<label for="username">Username</label>
<ons-input input-id="username"></ons-input>

This work with any input in Onsen UI such as checkboxes, radios, etc.


名前 型 / デフォルト値 概要
input-id String Specify the “id” attribute of the inner <input> element. This is useful when using <label for="..."> elements. (翻訳中) Optional.
名前 概要
value The current value of the input. (翻訳中)
disabled 無効化されている場合にtrue
Name 概要
material Displays a Material Design search input. (翻訳中)
シグネチャ 概要
focus() Focuses the input. (翻訳中)
blur() Removes focus from the input. (翻訳中)

Focuses the input. (翻訳中)


Removes focus from the input. (翻訳中)


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